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Kuvik Titanium Trowel

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The Kuvik Titanium Trowel is our strongest and lightest backpacking trowel. Unlike aluminum and steel trowels, which compromise on weight or strength, this titanium trowel compromises on neither.

Weighing only 1.27 oz (36 grams), this tool won’t add unnecessary weight to your pack. It’s perfect for ultralight backpacking and thru hiking, where every ounce matters. Even if weight isn’t a concern, you’ll appreciate how strong this trowel is. Its rigid design will helps prevent bending or breaking as you dig through hard and rocky soil.

The serrated edges cut through small roots in the soil, which other trowels struggle with. At over 8” in length, there is plenty of room on the trowel to get a good grip for extra-tough soil.

The trowel also features a large hole and slots, which can be used to attach a guyline from your tent fly or tarp. This means you can save even more weight by eliminating a tent peg from your pack.

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