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Kuvik 220ml Titanium Flask

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ULTRALIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from Grade-1 titanium, this 220ml (7.4 fl oz) flask is engineered to withstand the toughest outdoor adventures. Titanium is renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, providing unparalleled durability without adding unnecessary weight to your pack. Weighing only 2.95oz (83.6g), this flask is a true lightweight champion. Its minimalist design is complemented by a padded mesh carrying case that adds just 0.4 oz (11g), ensuring you can carry it safely wherever your outdoor pursuits take you.

COMPACT AND CONCEALABLE: Designed for the needs of backpackers and campers, this 5.4” x 3.8” (137mm x 97mm) flask boasts a sleek and compact design. The screw-on lid with a secure seal prevents leaks, and the integrated loop makes it easy to attach to your gear. The flask's slim profile and curved sides not only contribute to its stylish aesthetics but also enhance comfort when carrying it in your pocket. With its blend of functionality and portability, this flask is an essential companion for those who value performance in the great outdoors.

VERSATILE STORAGE: Whether you want to savor a nightcap by the campfire or fuel your alcohol stove for a hot meal, this flask has you covered. Its non-corrosive titanium construction ensures that your liquor stays untainted, preserving the original flavor and resisting odors and stains. The included stainless steel funnel simplifies filling, making it easy to pour in your favorite spirits or high-proof stove fuel, providing a reliable companion for both your recreational and culinary needs.

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