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Kuvik 750ml Titanium French Press

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PORTABLE BREWING: Elevate your outdoor coffee ritual with Kuvik’s titanium French press. This versatile brewing device doubles as a regular 750ml cooking pot, ensuring you can enjoy both your morning coffee and prepare hot meals on the trail. The pouring spout ensures mess-free serving, while the built-in measurements make it easy to follow recipes with precision.

TITANIUM CONSTRUCTION: Weighing about half as much as traditional stainless steel alternatives, this titanium French press redefines portable coffee brewing. Every ounce matters when you're on the trail, and this lightweight press (only 7.2 oz) ensures you can savor a rich cup of coffee without feeling weighed down, making it the perfect addition to your minimalist camping gear.

PADDED MESH BAG: Simplify your packing routine with the included black padded mesh bag (adds 0.5oz). This protective bag not only safeguards your titanium French press but also adds a touch of style to your outdoor gear. The mesh design ensures breathability, preventing moisture buildup, and the padded interior protects against bumps and scratches during transport.

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