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Kuvik 650ml Titanium Bowl

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ULTRALIGHT DURABILITY: Discover the perfect blend of ultralight design (2.65 oz) and unwavering durability with this 650ml titanium bowl. Crafted from Grade-1 titanium, this bowl will stand up to the demands of outdoor use without adding unnecessary weight to your pack. It's perfect for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts who need dependable, long-lasting gear for their adventures.

GENEROUS CAPACITY: Savor generous servings of your favorite outdoor meals with this 650ml titanium bowl. Its spacious size (1.90” height x 5.75” dia.) provides ample room for indulging in hot soups, hearty stews, or your signature campfire recipes. Enjoy satisfying portions without sacrificing on weight or convenience.

MULTIPLE USES: This bowl goes beyond the basics – it's a true multitasker in your camping gear collection. Use it as a bowl for eating, a pot for boiling water, or a small pan for cooking. Its multi-functional design streamlines your gear, saving both space and weight in your backpack.

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