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Kuvik 600ml Titanium Kettle

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ULTRALIGHT DURABILITY: Crafted from Grade-1 titanium, this 600ml (20.3 fl oz) kettle is not only exceptionally lightweight (158g) and resistant to corrosion, but also strong enough to endure the demands of camping and outdoor adventures. It won't easily dent or warp like some other materials, and it won't impart any metallic taste to your beverages.

RAPID BOILING: Designed with efficiency in mind, this kettle excels at rapid heat transfer, allowing you to bring water to a boil quickly and efficiently. This not only saves you precious time, but also conserves your valuable camping fuel. The wide base of the kettle maximizes heat contact with your heat source, ensuring uniform heating and consistent performance.

COMPACT DESIGN: For campers who value portability, this 600ml kettle (2.8” height x 5.8” dia.) is an ideal choice. It features a foldable heat-resistant handle that make it easy to transport, even in the most space-restricted backpacks. A secure lid and a precise spout make for easy and safe pouring. Weighing only a fraction of traditional stainless steel kettles, this kettle was designed with convenience in mind.

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